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Hailed as the “new Sayed Darwish”, Hamza Namira is one of the most celebrated faces of modern Arabic music. A songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist from Egypt, Hamza has become a luminous expression of his homeland’s resilience and ambition. Emerging as a major public figure, most notably since the Egyptian revolution of 2011, he uses his work to explore and engage with the prominent social issues of today. Well aware of a range of dilemmas his generation is facing, he addresses them in an emotive and inclusive manner, weaving through Egyptian traditional and folk music, pop, rock and jazz along the way. He has released 4 Albums, presented 2 seasons of the Pan Arab

program “Remix”, his songs got a huge success in the Arab World. His song “Dari Ya Alby” crossed 150 Million views on Youtube.

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Rising Artist Of The Year

Anghami Platform 2018

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150M+ Views

On his latest Youtube Music Video "Dari ya Alby"

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Touring Around The World

Performed & Filmed in more than Forty cities around the world


For Weeks, the Top Artist on SoundCloud Was an Icon of the Arab Spring


If SoundCloud, as a platform, has become synonymous with any genre of music, it’s undoubtedly rap. In any given week, a peek at the site’s top 50 songs shows at least 90 percent to be hip-hop. From the howlingly cartoonish to the despondently evil, from rote invocations...

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The Artist of the Revolution: Hamza Namira, the Arab Spring, and the Dream of a Free Egypt


Namira’s path to stardom preceded the events of the Arab Spring by many years. He was born in Saudi Arabia in 1980, where his father, an Egyptian Muslim, worked as a doctor and an amateur musician..


Exclusive interview: 'I'm not a politician or activist'


The New Arab spoke to renowned Egyptian artist Hamza Namira, an icon in the Arab World whose song, "Issmy masr", My name is Egypt, was a national hit.


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